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Easy Animation for the Classroom

Page history last edited by Keith Schroeder 7 years, 3 months ago

Tired of the same old lessons?  What to liven up those presentations?  Try animation to make those lessons come alive.


Web-based Animation


Introductory Animation


Go Animate for Schools: a safe environment for students to fully express their creativity through video and easy animation.  Unleash your/your students' creativity.  Go Animate for Chrome  Go Animate Education Blog


PowToon for EDU: easily turn yourself into a cartoon to elevate student learning.  PowToon Education Blog  


Flipbook:  Just as it says, you can create a flip book that will then animate.  


Nawmal EDU: Creating short, personalized, videos using nawmalEDU is a great way to engage your students' attention. Nawmal Showcase


Zimmer Twins:  devoted to kids and creativity.  Zimmer Twins at School  


ABCya: easy way to create animation.   ABCya App


Animaker:  easy animated video for school.  Animaker Blog




Animation Desk:  anyone can animate; all ideas matter.  


ToonTastic: a free app that allows students to create animated videos that they can share.  ToonTastic Video  Launchpad EDU  Launchpad Site Telestory App


DoInk: for older students with a bit of experience for creating animated videos and green screen effects.  Website 






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