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Digital Storytelling:  Helping Students Find Their Voice Through the Common Core

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English Composition Class


Dylan's Couch - http://www.dylanscouch.blogspot.com/




Link to Prezi




Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything site has a page Digital Storytelling Meets the Common Core which is a great starting place:  http://www.schrockguide.net/digital-storytelling.html


Bernajean Porter's Digitales site http://www.digitales.us/,  is a one-stop-shop for everything related to digital storytelling.  One great thing that her site includes is a make-your-own scoring guide for easy creation of a rubric tailored to target the content and skill-sets your students will be working on.  This link will take you directly to her scoring guides:  http://digitales.us/evaluating-projects/scoring-guides


20+ Storybook Creation web tools blog post http://teacherrebootcamp.com/2013/02/18/20-storybook-creation-tools-and-apps/ has over 20 different tools you can use to create digital stories and storybooks


Creating Digital Storytelling site http://digistories.yolasite.com/ is billing itself as the workshop for digital storytelling.


The Discovery Education Hub for Teachers has a great intro. to digital storytelling including rubrics, tools and resources.  You can find the Hub here:  http://hubforteachers.discoveryeducation.com/taking-it-digital/index.cfm


The University of Houston has a comprehensive site for educators entitled Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling http://digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.edu/index.html


David Jakes has a comprehensive resource page for digital storytelling at  http://www.jakesonline.org/storytelling.htm


Cybraryman's resource page for digital storytelling at http://cybraryman.com/digitalstory.html


University of Illinois Best Practices Website for digital storytelling http://courseweb.lis.illinois.edu/~jevogel2/lis506/howto.html


Jennifer Dorman, an educator and blogger extraordinaire, has a comprehensive page of resources that support the use of digital storytelling.  Her page is found here: http://jdorman.wikispaces.com/digitalstorytelling


In addition to his book on digital storytelling in the classroom, Jason Ohler's website has some great resources aimed at digital storytelling in education.  http://www.jasonohler.com/storytelling/index.cfm


For a list of Web 2.0 tools that can be used for digital storytelling,  Alan Levine's site 50+ Ways to Tell a Story provides a resource list to get you started  http://50ways.wikispaces.com/


Storyarts Online is a general resource for storytelling that can all be adapted to online storytelling http://www.storyarts.org/


Pinterest is always a great resource for finding information.  Here is a link to a Pinterest search on “digital storytelling” that will lead you to pinned items on digital storytelling:  http://pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=digital+storytelling


Primary Access, from the Curry School of Education, includes a suite of tools to help students create digital stories.  http://www.primaryaccess.org/


Microsoft offers a 28-page downloadable guide in a PDF format that includes links to resources and K-12 examples.  http://download.microsoft.com/download/D/F/0/DF087781-EDEF-45E1-9FAA-18FE7CD1E7E3/digitalstorytellingebook.pdf


The Center for Digital Storytelling has some awesome examples of digital storytelling.  http://www.storycenter.org/


Digital Booktalk Site http://digitalbooktalk.com/  from the Florida Golf Coast University with great booktalks from all genres, reading levels and age groups.


Troy Hicks' Digital Writing Workshop http://digitalwritingworkshop.wikispaces.com/ 


Digital Storytelling with the iPad Resource Page https://sites.google.com/site/digitalstorytellingwiththeipad/apps-for-digital-storytelling


If you are looking to create using an ipad, a group of Apple Distinguished Educators has a resource page (including some audio samples) entitled Digital storytelling with the iPadhttps://sites.google.com/site/ipadmultimediatools/digital-storytelling-tools


The San Fernando Education Technology Team (SFETT) that works to engage and aptivate students by providing them an avenue of expression through the use of digital media http://www.alasmedia.net/SFETT/index.html


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My shared bookmarks on Diigo with the tag digitalstorytelling http://www.diigo.com/user/keithschroeder/digitalstorytelling




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