Digital Storytelling:  Helping Students Find Their Voice Through the Common Core


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Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything site has a page Digital Storytelling Meets the Common Core which is a great starting place:


Bernajean Porter's Digitales site,  is a one-stop-shop for everything related to digital storytelling.  One great thing that her site includes is a make-your-own scoring guide for easy creation of a rubric tailored to target the content and skill-sets your students will be working on.  This link will take you directly to her scoring guides:


20+ Storybook Creation web tools blog post has over 20 different tools you can use to create digital stories and storybooks


Creating Digital Storytelling site is billing itself as the workshop for digital storytelling.


The Discovery Education Hub for Teachers has a great intro. to digital storytelling including rubrics, tools and resources.  You can find the Hub here:


The University of Houston has a comprehensive site for educators entitled Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling


David Jakes has a comprehensive resource page for digital storytelling at


Cybraryman's resource page for digital storytelling at


University of Illinois Best Practices Website for digital storytelling


Jennifer Dorman, an educator and blogger extraordinaire, has a comprehensive page of resources that support the use of digital storytelling.  Her page is found here:


In addition to his book on digital storytelling in the classroom, Jason Ohler's website has some great resources aimed at digital storytelling in education.


For a list of Web 2.0 tools that can be used for digital storytelling,  Alan Levine's site 50+ Ways to Tell a Story provides a resource list to get you started


Storyarts Online is a general resource for storytelling that can all be adapted to online storytelling


Pinterest is always a great resource for finding information.  Here is a link to a Pinterest search on “digital storytelling” that will lead you to pinned items on digital storytelling:


Primary Access, from the Curry School of Education, includes a suite of tools to help students create digital stories.


Microsoft offers a 28-page downloadable guide in a PDF format that includes links to resources and K-12 examples.


The Center for Digital Storytelling has some awesome examples of digital storytelling.


Digital Booktalk Site  from the Florida Golf Coast University with great booktalks from all genres, reading levels and age groups.


Troy Hicks' Digital Writing Workshop 


Digital Storytelling with the iPad Resource Page


If you are looking to create using an ipad, a group of Apple Distinguished Educators has a resource page (including some audio samples) entitled Digital storytelling with the iPad


The San Fernando Education Technology Team (SFETT) that works to engage and aptivate students by providing them an avenue of expression through the use of digital media


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