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Web20 Resources for Special Education

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Learning Games for Kids:  Educational Games are a great tool for building foundational math and language skills the curiculum requires.  Web address:  http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/


Wordle:  A web tool for generating word clouds from text that you provide.  Words that appear more frequently are given prominence on the page.  Web address:  http://www.wordle.net/


Voki:  Create fun custom talking avatars to deliver any content that the student uploads.  Web address:  http://voki.com/


Vocabulary Spelling City:   With over 42,000 words organized into precreated word lists, you are able to differentiate instruction. Each word has a corresponding sentence and definition that is read to the student. There are free, fun games students enjoy playing. They have a great "Teacher Resources" section.  Web address:  http://www.spellingcity.com/


Readability:  Readability turns any website into a clean view for reading later.  Web address: http://www.readability.com/


dotEpub:  Allows you to convert any webpage into the ePub format.  Web address:  http://dotepub.com/


Voicethread:  Narrate slideshows and allows students to comment on eachothers posts.  Web address:  https://voicethread.com


Printfriendly:  Make any webpage print friendly.  Web address:  http://www.printfriendly.com/


Speakit!:  Select text you want to read and listen to it.  SpeakIt converts text into speech so you no longer need to read.  Web address:  http://goo.gl/sc8xL


Chrome Speech Recognizer:  Install the chrome speech recognizer from the Chrome Web Store, launch it and click the microphone to start taking and recording your voice.  It will then type out your text when you are finished recording.  Then just copy and paste your text into a word processing program.  Web address:  http://goo.gl/PdOjM


Talk To Type:  Use the mic icon and speak into the microphone.  The tool will convert it into type.  Web address:  http://goo.gl/g1oLt


Glogster:  Online Scrapbook/Poster creator works great for all kinds of things including speech and language pathology.  Web address:  http://edu.glogster.com/


Tots N Tech:  Helpdesk for early childhood assistive technology.  Web address:  http://tnt.asu.edu/tnt-helpdesk


ToonDoo:  Students create their own comics inserting words into their creations.   Web address:  http://www.toondoo.com/


Apps by IEP Goals/Skills:  Suggested apps that you can use for IEP preparation for specific goals/skills targeted in the IEP.  Web address:  http://techinspecialed.com/recommended-apps-by-iep-goalsskills-and-some-useful-tools/


Apps For Stages:  Apps ranked by stages of learning.  Web address:  http://apps4stages.wikispaces.com/


Cameramouse:  Control your mouse by moving your head.  Web address:  http://cameramouse.com/


Hawking Toolbar for Firefox:  The Hawking Toolbar is a plug-in for the Firefox web browser that frees individuals with severely limited motor abilities to explore the internet, without limits.  Web address:  http://www.oatsoft.org/Software/hawking-toolbar


Autism Games:  Various games that can be used with Autism or related disorders.  Web address:  http://www.autismgames.com.au/index.html


Autism Key iPad Apps:  Suggested apps that can be used with students with Autism or related disorders.  Web address:  http://www.autismkey.com/helpful-ipad-apps-for-autism-and-other-related-disorders/




LibriVox: provides free audio books from the public domain. There are several options for listening.  Web address:  http://librivox.org/


PodioBooks: after you register then you can sign up for subscription feeds by searching or browsing the catalog and clicking the subscribe link in the book detail. Web address:  http://podiobooks.com/


SimplyAudio Books: allows you to download free digital audiobooks and listen on your favorite MP3 player, computer, or simply burn the audio books to a CD.  There are over 6,000 audio books, lectures, radio shows, and more.  Web address:  http://www.simplyaudiobooks.com/


Lit2Go: is a free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 (audio book) format. You can: Download the files to your Mp3 player and listen on the go, Listen to the Mp3 files on your computer, View the text on a webpage and read along as you listen, Print out the stories and poems to make your own book.  Web address:  http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/


Bookshare:  a subscription only website for use with students who qualify with a vision impairment.  Web address:  https://www.bookshare.org/






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