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Video Editing in the classroom

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Video Editing Tools In The Classroom




WeVideo Tutorials and Help Sheets


Youtube Video Editor


Youtube Help Page


Youtube Video Editor Tutorial Video








Use Dropbox or Google Drive to get ipad movies to a computer



Live Video


Youtube Live Platform


Help for Youtube Live


Livebroadcasting Youtube Video


Livebroadcast Google Hangout



Other Video Tools




Popcorn WebMaker


Flipping Your Classroom



Apps for Creating Video










Screenr - allows you to record something from the screen to upload to edit


KeepVid - allows you to download youtube videos


Splice - quick way to video edit from your portable device


Vine - quick way to share video that doesn't need editing


Fuse for Camtasia 


Resources for free video content



Why Video?


Digital Storytelling:  Helping Students Find Their Voice Through Digital Storytelling


Flipping Your Classroom



Copyright Considerations


Copyright Questions


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