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Keith Schroeder Resources

Page history last edited by Keith Schroeder 6 years, 4 months ago

Conference, Workshop and Staff Development Resources


These are resources by Keith D. Schroeder.  You can contact Keith from his website http://keithschroeder.net 



Recent Professional Development/Conference Presentations:


WSRA Convention 2018: Online Resources for the Constructivist Classroom and Personalized Learning

                                        Looking Beyond the Classroom: Creating Collaborative Communities 


Easy Animation for the Classroom


Gamestorming: Games and Gamification In The Classroom


Effective Online Research


Subject Area Literacy


Digital Photography:  Sharing, Editing, Storing Online (School District of Marinette Community Education)


Online Tools for Reading Closely and Thinking Critically WSRA 


One Book, One Community Wisconsin


Interactive lessons and Tools for Personalized Learning  Twitter#SLRC


No Pain - Huge Gain Easy Online Formative Assessments


1:1 Beyond the Textbook


Engaging Today's Learner


Free Online PD


Technology for Administrators


Google Forms for Assessment


Speaking and Listening with a Purpose


Video Editing in the Classroom


Google/Chrome Supports for Struggling Learners


Google/Chrome Apps for Supporting Writing and the Common Core


Connecting Your Students to the World Through The Common Core


Lesson Plan Resources


Visual Literacy in the Age of Common Core


Fostering Lifelong Learning with Digital Badging


SLO for School Library Media Specialists


CESA8 Coaching:  Powerpoint can be found here


WSRA Wired Wednesday 60+ Chrome Apps in 60 Minutes:  PowerPoint can be found here

     Webinar recording can be found on the WSRA Website


Web2.0 Tools for Digital Writing


Bloom's for Thinking and Learning


Wolf River Reading Council PowerPoint


Why Go Google? - Google Apps for Education Resource Page


Connecting Literacy and Technology to the Common Core in a Google World


RTI In Secondary Education


Digital Storytelling:  Helping Students Find Their Voice Through the Common Core


Your Badgerlink and How It Can Support Implementing the Common Core


Teaching 2.0:  Literacy, Technology and the Common Core


Web2.0 Resources for Special Education


Personal Learning Network


Coaching Resources


Why Minecraft is a Great Tool for Learning


Beyond the Textbook


Macbook Resources


What?  No Textbook!


Whiteboard Resource Page


Brain-Based Research


Flipping your Classroom


Google Earth Resources


iPads in the Classroom


ePub In the Classroom


To Google and Beyond


Using Social Media to Extend Classroom Learning


21st Century Classroom


21st Century Literacy


Looking for the Key to Effective Teaming - Implement a Coaching Model



Community Education Resources:


Google Meets Chrome:  Chrome Extensions and Apps to Make Your Life Easier


Community Education:  Facebook and Social Media - What's All This Buzz About?


Community Employment Resource Night


Personal Learning Network


Pinterest for Beginners


Skype for Beginners



Older Topics/Presentations


AUP/BYOD Policy Examples


Beyond Google Searching


Changing Face of Libraries


Classroom Copyright


Copyright Free Resources


Family Literacy Night


Instructional Coaching to Improve Student Achievement/Literacy


Internet Safety Resources


Literacy-Technology Integration


Math Literature in the Classroom


Suicide Prevention Resources


Technology for Administrators


Web 2.0 in the Classroom


Whiteboard Resource Page


Wisconsin Instructional Television





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